Father's Perspective: My Hopes Before We Go

/ Preparations / 3 min read

I dreamed about living on the way for a very long time. When I was younger, my dream was quite untangible but I continued to wish that maybe one day I will find how to work while traveling with my family. Now my dream became real and even though there is a lot of unknown and a lot of challenges in front of us I don't usually struggle to find the strength, optimism and enthusiasm to face what is in front of us.

What I never wished for but I find really amazing is that I have found a purpose. I actually know what we will do with Petra and kids. While not anchored in life and constantly searching for my destiny I've met one of the most incredible person. An inspiring individual with really special mind, with the desire and determination to empower the society and with the resources to make reality from fiction.

His name is Karel Janeček.

Thank you for make our dream come through, Karel!

Karel managed not only to earn a lot of money but he also came up with the means for the better global interconnection and communication. One of that tools is his voting method based on the use of multiple plus and minus votes. And informing of his voting method is one of our main goals.

Now, with the purpose and resources for our journey I keep asking myself:

What are the odds of my failure? What if we don't succeed in our mission?  How will we be received by the people on the way? What if our car crashes? What if something really bad happen, universe forbid?

I do realize that those concerns cannot influence my state of mind too much. So everytime something clouds my mind I try to forget it and focus on just drifting forward on this big tile of opportunity and thinking about the best way how to, well, influence people and organisations we will meet.

We want to make an impact but we also want to survive this trip. And by surviving I mean that our family stays together and will be bonded more then ever before.

I love my family and I want to show the world to my little girls. I want to show them the kindness which is, I believe, deeply rooted in people around the globe. I want to show them how different people laugh, how they dance, how they work and also how they struggle. I believe that with such an experience might help us to raise our daughters as real global citizens and, maybe, inspire others.

Antonina's curiosity inspires me everyday

Besides, there was this perennial feeling I had when I was leaving my family every single morning and went to work. I hated it. I hated shifting my mind constantly from one life to another. I hated to see Petra - one of the smartest person I know - to be frustrated because she partially had to give in her professional ambitions more than three years ago when Tonička was born. With her education and career she could be working in some European institution by now, but she was home with the kids. Pretty common scenario you could say. Generally, it has been working pretty well so far. But still, we have our dream and the urge to live a bit differetly. We decided that if we want to be the best possible parents to our daughters and want to fulfill our ambitions at the same time, we need to merge our personal and professional lives into one. Thus, the idea was born. We will travel and work together. Wish us luck and follow us on our journey!