Losses and Gains - No Shower and Lot of Freedom

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I felt the urge to pile-up the “losses and gains” of our journey and so what am I serving here is a little summary of these. I will make it brief and help myself out with some bullet points as I am unequal to the task to write a coherent article out of such an incoherent bulk of impressions. (Attention, hyperboles present!)


-          Having a shower everyday? No. – despite of the almost non-existent bathroom we, especially myself, insist on putting on urban clothes. I simply refuse to wear any outdoor gear for the most part. Ondrej’s cheerful remarks about my peculiar hats are passed over in silence.

-          Hanging out, going to the movies or for a drink - we spend evenings in our 2 sq meter living room, sitting outside by the fire or in the living room of someone who took the courage to invite us to their place.

-          Intimacy – well to tell the truth…it is something hard-to-get-at. I would elaborate more but there in no “watershed time” on social networks.

My lipstick is gone...I am wondering whether it makes any sense to buy a new one

-          Time for ourselves and our hobbies – times of my French classes, regular swimming or exercising are long forgotten. I really dislike running so I still can’t surpass myself and get on with it. Nor can Ondrej.

-          Taking care of oneselfI do not exactly apply facial serum in the evening. I am rather trying to realize whether I am actually wearing the panties or a swimsuit under my dress.

-          Our health during the first month – we were all consecutively ill – as if our immune systems had to update to the newest version. We went through sinus infection, gastric flu and regular rhyme.

-          Washing machine – what we used to do at least twice a week is now just a matter of going to the laundromat when the place we throw dirty laundry seems to encompass us.

Is it a shower, mom?

-         Comfort – we can’t afford eating in restaurants more then once a month, because good meal for all of us costs up to 60-70 dollars.

-          Family and friends – we miss y’all! And we love you even if we do not call that often!

-          Togetherness – the win and the misery of this trip. We have casted ourselves to this situation, no one else.

-          Yoghurts that you can scoop out normally – here they probably misinterpreted the espionage pictures of Yoplait yoghurts and so they are upside down.

-          Our beloved dog Fido who is now with our parents and friends. And we can’t wait to cuddle him.

-          Cotton diapers – no thank you, fortunately, Josefína does not need nappies during the day anymore.

-          Dishwasher – this is a real strain. Sometimes, especially if we are having “the red sauce”, we opt for the waxed paper bowls. To make the dishes properly, you have to heat up the water in advance, using a propane tank.


-          When we get pissed off, than the only chance to calm down is to slam the door and run into the dark (which is too dangerous because racoons, coyottes or bears are omnipresent), or to take two rounds around the car and then humbly get back to the “living room”.

The absurdity of being pissed in our situation usually prevents us from being pissed at all.

-          I still breastfeed because we all sleep in one bed. I count it among the “losses” just because I had planned it differently and I am used to fulfil tasks I set out for myself. Otherwise, it is not bothering me at all.

-          Europe – we miss you! Although we are meeting lots of free-spirited people and we love many aspects of local culture, we have the impression that “success equates money” is not so far away from the truth here. People tend to mention their incomes or million dollar houses much more often. To prove that you are not broke is often part of the introductory small talk. The mere ranking of the universities according to the average future income of the graduates seems a funny concept to me. Or is it just, for us unusual, frankness about what really governs one’s life?


-          The power to organize our days as we like to – we do not have to explain anyone why we had breakfast at 8, not at 7.

-          Togetherness – the win and the loss. The frustration from being together only on the weekends and evenings withdrew.

-          We see something new everyday and we can decide where we want to meet people and if writing an article at the beach sounds better than writing it in a coffee place. The beauty of this continent is breath-taking. We have seen the darkest sky, oldest trees and it happens pretty often that the mountain looming on the horizon is 4 thousand meters high just like that.

-          I eventually found out what an INSTASTORY is and how to make one. The world of sharing every instant of our lives seems pretty creepy to us. But we decided to enjoy it for this stretch of time, because it makes sense right now – it can inspire people to travel the world with kids and most importantly, it leads to our website where people can read about the voting-method we are trying to make people familiar with.

-          We mingle our work with our “life”. We always wanted to make such a thing possible and now it has broader sense because we truly believe the cause - the need for better global communication and better decision-making processes.

-          We quitted smoking and do not miss it.

-          When we come back home, I guess we are going to be much more self-contained and “action-prone”: pick a route and just go, unhesitatingly.

-          We are meeting lots of folks who are happy as hell with their lives. They have been honest with themselves and firmly took the reins of their lives over. Here, a common denominator seems to be the knowledge that they CAN change whatever they want to change and do not complain about the structural casting.

We got to CA in the time of "super bloom"

-          Feeling that the wildest plans and wishes may actually come true and the paradigm we live within is a “subject to alternation”.

-          Flexibility - our girls are satisfied in any environment – the narrative about “kids who are exhausted by the changing conditions” does not apply to us anymore, if ever did.

-          Sisterhood – they play really cooperatively, help each other much more (they also fight of course) – in Prague Antonína was in the kindergarten and Josefína “alone” with one of the parents or grandparents.

-          We made ourselves aware that “Xing” on the roads are not obscure references to something "Chinese" but they stand for “crossing”.

-          Relative freedom from social networks – inspite of feeding these more than ever, we do not actually spend there time anymore, because the signal here in a topic of its own. Anyway, we agreed that the core of our work is done offline and we cannot expose our kids to screen-stuck parents.

-          We are sure that we want to retain the “freedom of movement” and open horizons after we get back to Prague, we still do not exactly know how to do this – if it is going to be working from another country during a certain season, or just more frequent nomadic trips with a motorhome.

Thank you for reading till the end. We are now in Califonia and we will be enjoying the presence of our beloved babička Irena who came to visit us here. Maybe we’ll have a little date in a bar in San Francisco. After that, we are heading to Sebatopol to meet some people who spent their youth in the 60s. Sign up for our newsletter to get a monthly update!