Our Daily Rhythm: Patterns amidst the Unexpectedness

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Every morning around 8 a.m. I get a tender slap in my face. A centimeter above me there is a radiant little face which does not stop uttering “mhá-mý” in this weird Slovakian accent. About twenty centimetres further another small body ejects from the covers:  “Mummy, will you make the oatmeal with honey?!” comes instead of good morning. I do not wallow in self-pity about how little space we deliberately decided to have and how our waking-up looks like only thanks to these rosy-cheeked fresh faces. Mother Nature designed everything very thoughtfully.

I blink in Ondřej’s direction and without uttering a word we both know that the cogwheel of the day was set in motion and now it is upon us to keep it going for the next 12 hours. Sometimes I wish we were early risers. I would not find myself in a situation where I must stir the oats without my teeth brushed and with my eyes barely open. If I got up earlier, I would have my morning asanas or few km run done. But we were gathered as two night owls.

If we have a breakfast outside, it is great, if we have it inside, we have to clean the whole interior of the car including the windows or the baby seats. Josefina eats very ardently and Antonína often follows suit just because she sees how much attention it provokes.

After the breakfast, there is time for the “morning activity” with kids. It usually means taking them away to the beach/forest/playground/chalk drawing/scootering so the other one can edit videos, write emails, answer phonecalls and feed our newly founded social networks.

When we are on the move from A-B, their dutifully fostered bibliophilia is of great help. Also, the so called “magical reading” with Albi pen is genious and I believe that on the long run, it is much better then tablet.

At play with Mike - first guy Tonicka cannot stop talking about and even dreams of him


Where are the fusion kitchen lunch breaks form Prague? It seems like a far off lavish life. Nowadays, we usually eat our motorhome-made soups that are stored in the freezer. Leek/cauliflower/tomato/carrot - it is easy to defrost it and you can do it everywhere, even in the parking lot or somewehre in wilderness. Actually, I stopped to despise of places like gas-stations or parking lots – they happened to be our habitats for moments like these and I am gradually revealing the microcosmic rules of its own kind). Another option are various types of salads – with bacon, with tuna or with my favourite Paul Newman’s creamy sauce. The vegetables is accessible here and thank G-d we all like it.

The “gastro” part of the adventure is a good surprise altogether. Our stove works just fine and although the ingredients are more expensive than the fast food it is not that extreme. If we plan the menu properly, we do not have troubles with budget and I am very proud of our zero food waste score. Before we set off I had been scared that we’d end up like four roly-pollies because the easiest and cheapest option on the road would always be fast food. Fortunately, it is not the case and you can find your way in between the oven-readies even though you are on the move.


After lunch, the much-awaited part of the day approaches: girl’s afternoon nap. Our girls harmonized schedules and they usually sleep in unison. And we can read. Or write. Or whatever is needed. And there is a bunch of things to do. Our daily chores newly consist of taking care of water or gas (enough drinking water in the camper, no grey water, full propane tank) and washing the dishes.

There are many days when we do not manage to work at all: we drive too long, tyre gets flat, beach is to windy, night was too hard. Or we just spend time on planning the route. Or one of us is desparetely searching for car keys, a wallet, a cross-body bag or Antonína's  beloved doll. One would assume that smaller space automatically means smaller chance of losing stuff, but it works the other way around. Our two little household elfs do not exactely help.

We usually indulge in family afternoons – little trip, swimming, hiking, talking to people we encounter, making pictures and videos. And solving which one of the girls will have the blue shovel, who needs to pee and who already did.

I like our dinners. We eat grilled meat and fish, salads, pasta, rice with vegetales – easy dishes that do not take more than 30 min to prepare. At 8 p.m. me and Ondrej are usually on our own again and we are immediately opening a beer can or emptying a glass of wine. Thereafter, we do some work again – writing, editing pictures or videos. We do not watch series or movies. There is neither time, desire nor signal to do it.

Some people might wonder how we tackle the hygiene. Well, we take a shower 2-3 times a week, we do not feel the urge to take it daily because we swim in rivers, lakes and dip in the hot springs (there are lot of them here – usually very humble and calm places. When I imagine attractions like these back home, I bet there would be a a lot of „services“ sponged on it as well as the expereience-demanding crowd). Such a serenity probably goes hand in hand with the enormous area of this country thank to which these places can stay remote.

Our future goals regarding our daily routine are: to slow down our travel pace after the Arizona project (participatory budgeting using the D21 polling method of multiple votes), to start to run and meditate so we do not physically deteriorate and can more easily let in all of the incredible once-in-a-liftime beauties we are surrounded by.