Thanks to those mentioned below our journey is possible.

Karel Janeček

Mathematician, enterpreneur, anti-corruption campaigner, and author of the Janeček voting method.

Institute for Democracy 21

The aim of the Institute for Democracy 21 is to demonstrate the advantages of the Janecek voting method to the public. In collaboration with other organisations the Institute incorporates the system into everyday use in belief that Janecek voting method has enormous potential to both restore people’s trust in democracy, and improve public interest in and motivation for participation in public decision-making.

Eticia 21

This project was founded in 2012 in the Czech Republic. The aim is to promote positive discussion about values. In the first three years there was a preliminary research carried out by interviewing people. In 2015 we launched a demo version of the Value Game. At the moment we are developing the full version with a lot of interesting content and interesting features.