How would you secure the future you want for your children?

Express your opinion in our poll and decide what values will matter the most! You can try out Janecek voting method of multiple votes. The poll will last till the end of 2019 and we will be publishing the interim results several times. Vote here!

Global Poll

Want to know what all of us think about stuff that is important for every single one of us? We do. Are you afraid of what future may bring? Of the crises which are looming in front of us? We are. Want to do something about them? We want. But at first, we need to start to discuss, to globally crowdsource opinions and then to provide our representatives with a concordant data. Does it seem impossible? We believe it's not, it allready works on smaller scale.

From your street to the globe

Members of countless communities are deciding on their issues directly and not only through election. The participatory budgeting is a great example. It is the process where citizens decide how should their local government distribute their money.

The participatory budgeting is slowly getting attention as a meaningful way of deliberation and communication between the citizens and their representatives.

Want your city to build a new cycling path, to renovate the local part or to build a bigger parking lot? In various cities around the world you can vote on that now. You can be your mayor's advisor, you can campaign for the project you prefer and finally, you can closely observe the implementation of the results.

For the flawless execution of the process our partner organisation Institute for Democracy offers the innovative solution: a Janeček method (reffered as JM).

See how Janeček voting method works

Participatory budgeting projects where you vote with JM are active in the New York City, India, Czech Republic, France, Scotland, Ukraine and Slovakia. In cities as well as in schools. To be able to communicate the advantages of the method impmelentation into the numerous voting processes we need everyone to get familiar with it. We offer the biggest voting experiment ever made. The Global Poll.

Let's fill up the streets and squares of the online world! Credit: Freedom Festival

The Global Poll

The renovated local park is important for those living around it in the same city. It's logical that people care about their surroundings because they live there. We think that at the same time there are universal issues which should concern all humans. And that we all could be able to share our opinion about them.

It's our world. We cannot agree more.

The world belongs to everyone, no matter her or his political affiliations, societal background, origin or gender. The world belongs to every single one. If you believe the same why don't we put our heads together?

Let's unite through polling

At first we should state that the idea of global poll has nothing to do with the idea of global direct democracy rather participatory democracy. We are not trying to overthrown current geopolitical order. The Global Poll concept is meant to connect those who care about our planet and humanity, to crowdsource their opinions on general topics and to serve as the stepping stone for meaningful discussion afterwards. We think, that time to reveal to ourselves our general will, has come.

Imagine, that the same set of questions will pop up to everybody's screen. Imagine, that we all can have the unified voice in topics such as climate change or ending the global poverty.

The exercise of human ability to cooperate

In 2021 we plan to run the biggest poll in the history of humanity. We hope it will ignite the global discussion and maybe question the actions of the politicians.

Imagine, that the same set of questions will pop up to everybody's screen. Imagine, that we all can have the unified voice in topics such as climate change or ending the global poverty. Are you courious? We are.

The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government...

Decentralisation and Security

The Global Poll is now in the concept stage. If the polling is to be successful we need bullet-proof authentification and personal data security. There are projects already which are developing the voting processes on the blockchain technology.


What do we have to solve?

The idea of the Global Poll is viable only when the large number of online population will join. For defining the good question and for the proper distribution of the poll we need to make a net of partners through charities, non governmental organisations, start-ups as well as global institutions and academia. Once we will create the net big enough we can approach the industry leaders to open their platforms (e.g. Facebook, WeChat, Google) for sharing the Global Poll. We don't need to build something new when there are infrastructures already connecting billions.


Theoretically speaking, it has never been easier to crowdsource the opinion of humanity. Yet the task is huge. It will require a lot of energy from all of us to create this common enterprise. We would appreciate your feedback to the concept of the Global Poll. You can get in touch with us via e-mail.

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