Our values

We come from one of the most aetheist country in the world. Yet we believe in Something that transcends us. Compared to the religious people, we might lack the focus (because we do not know what or who to worship) but we do not lack the desire to believe in humanity and live according certain values. For now we think of those mentioned below.


Four of us are stronger than one. In our unity lies our strength.


We want to make use of the priviledge to participate in the effort towards the healthier and sustainable global society.


We challenge the status quo. We think big. We step outside our comfort zone. We stand for what we think is right even though it may not be popular at the moment.


We want to treat everyone respectfully and approach all people as equals.


In our era egoism and self-love dominates the social media and people's relationships. We want solidarity and humanity to take over.


We try not to be judgmental and defy injustice.


We try to apply logical thinking on our daily lives and see the complexities.


We bear responsibility for ourselves, our children, and other relatives. Every decision we make is weighed accordingly.

What are your core values? Do you have another interpretation of those we think of? Do you know someone who represents some of them and would be willing to talk about them with us? Let us know!