Two Toddlers In a Camper Van?! Some Reasons Why We Want To Do This:

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We live in Prague, one of the best European cities, enjoy its ample cultural life, great friends and families who would not let us down. We live in great apartment with a vintage air and are fortunate enough to have healthy kids and above-average incomes. Theoretically, we could afford Thailand or the Alps every once in a while, weekend trips and good food. But for some reason we both still feel this unsettling vibration which purrs - this is it? It will go like this on and on if we are lucky enough? Is our freedom defined by our ablitiy to eat fusion kitchen and shop bioproducts online? And the answer is NO. Sorry, mum.

It might sound ungrateful, but I believe it is just the opposite. It partially stems from the gratitude that we are part of the generation that has the freedom to travel. This privilege was denied to our parents who lived in a totalitarian society and could in only go to other countries of former Soviet block. We hope that by getting to know other cultures, by overcoming sudden changes and challenges of being on the move, we can somehow restart, internally reshape ourselves. It might sound like a cliché, but now it is just what we need. Especially after past three years of daily routine, albeit trouble-free and awesome, with our two little kids.

Riverside in Prague - our neighbourhood

Me and Ondrej are both well aware of our privileges and the fact that most of the people around the world do not enjoy our standards of living and for whom such a decision is not conceivable at all. This is one of the reasons why we want to travel and see how our privileges are inscribed into our views, how they make us blind, what do they bestow on us. Moreover, we know that such affluence will not (and actually should not) last forever. There are huge challenges looming in front of every single one of us of and I am getting more and more anxious while reflecting on future. So if not now, when?

Apart from the rather inward push factors that I described above, there is also an element of mere curiosity. We want to find out more about people, try to step out of our bubbles and talk to the others.

We strongly perceive it is our duty to get the experience of travel, along with its discomfort, disagreement, unexpectedness over to our kids. Besides, have you heard the saying: “Families that stray together, stay together”?